Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation in PA with Nana & Pappy...

We spent the last week in Hanover PA, with Jed's mom & step dad and we had the best time. We all took the girls to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster and Madisyn had the best time ever, She rode everything she could except the big slide....Her and Daddy both chickened out! We hated to come home but I guess after a week of being on Vacation you have to come back to reality...

Here are the pics from our trip....ENJOY

The Reaver Family 2009 at Dutch Wonderland

Jed and Madisyn

Madisyn in Awe of everything she was seeing

The Famous "Cheese" picture

Madisyn driving the monster trucks

She had such a good time

Getting ready to go UP, And I mean UP

Seeing her that happy made my day

She loved all the rides

Nana & Madisyn on the Frog Hopper

Madisyn milking a Cow

Beautiful Happy Girl

Driving the Dump trucks

Riding the Panda bears, All by herself

She liked it but held on for dear life....lol

Madisyn riding the Pony

Madisyn & Nana on the Airplane

Why Mommy couldn't ride anything....This girl is S~P~O~I~L~E~D

Daddy & Madisyn chickened out on the BIG slide

Looking at all the rides with Pappy, She stands just like me...OMG

Daddy & Madisyn on the turtle...this ride almost made Daddy Sick...hehe

Beautiful angel at Dutch Wonderland

Madisyn riding her Train...

Daddy & Madisyn, I love these two!!

Madisyn at Dutch Wonderland with Duke the Dragon

4-Generation picture....Jed's Gram,Mom,Jed and the girls

Nana,Pappy, and the girls

Again, I love these four people

Nana with her two grandbabies

Madisyn is so beautiful....

My smiley angel

Bigger Beautiful Smile

I would have loved to live on this pond with the geese

Madisyn just a swinggin

Madisyn with her cousin Isabella

They were so cute

You would have thought this car was Disney world, She loved it...

Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do....

Thanks Mom and Bill for such an awesome week...Madisyn still thinks you are coming here, so we can't wait until next year when you actually do! Love you guys

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Madisyn, We love you

We can't believe our Baby girl is 3 years old....

In the Miami Airport Feb.2007 coming home

Madisyn just over a year old....

Angel Baby getting close to 2

Princess Turns 2

And miss NO camera at age 3, We can't not believe it...

Today I have thought a lot about Madisyn's birth mom and how she must of felt today. But in my heart I know that she knows how much Madisyn is loved and cared for. She turned 3 today and tomorrow we will have her birthday celebration, SO stay tuned for Birthday Pics.....

We love you to the moon and back Madisyn and remember you can do whatever you wanna do!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Living Life & Having Fun....

We are just enjoying & living life around here in Florida these days. So sorry for the delay in posting, I was totally addicted to facebook and now I hardly ever get on there I'm spending the time with my kids because God knows they grow up to fast.

Madisyn: Is talking like crazy, Daddy is still her biggest hero....Mommy is okay when she wants something because she knows I move the quickest, Example> Daddy I want a drink, 10 mins later she has a drink. Mommy I want a drink, 2 secs later she has a drink. So I'm okay in that aspect. She is almost 3 and I can't believe it she is getting the 3 year old independance. Her favorite food is still Pizza, she wants these everyday. Madisyn still isn't fond of the camera, She is too busy for pics, SO that is why most pics here today are of Genesis...She Still goes to bed at 9:30 and sleeps until around 8:30am. She is a wonderful big sister, She loves her baby and can't get enough of her. She gives about 25 kisses to the baby a day and has to always know w here she is. A wonderful BIG sister.

Genesis: Is an awesome baby, She rarely cries...I think the only time we hear her cry is if she is sleeping and a loud noise scares her, or I'm not getting her bottle ready fast enough. she is the best baby. She goes to bed around 10pm and sleeps until 5am, drinks around 3-4 ounces and is back asleep until around 8am. When she wakes up either time she doesn't cry, she talks and that is how we know she is awake. Today she woke up at 8 and laid in her crib talking until almost 9. She is rolling over from tummy to back, and has almost got the back to tummy. She already pushes herself around the floor...Blankets are no good with her because she will be off of it in minutes. She eats babyfood at night, and loves Butternut squash/Bananas mixed together.

This pic is for Gia, Holly G's baby girl....(middle Finger Up)

She loves it outside...And I love her

I cannot get enough of that smile, She is so beautiful inside & out...

Beautiful Baby Girl....I'm amazed at what she already does for 3 1/2 months old!

Hey Mommy, How about this smile....Is this one good?

Another one, I love the wide mouth smiles....She is such a Happy baby

There's my beautiful Guatemalan Angel....She is growing up and I love her so much!

The all famous CHEESE pics, I'm a little tired of those....But hey it's a pic anyway!
Don't pay attention to our floors, We just redid them all with Laminate so pics to follow.

I love being able to get a pic of the Great Grandkids with my grandmother. Something I will cherish for a lifetime...

My Nephew Jonathan and Genesis holding hands. These 2 are 10 days apart!